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I’d love to recommend these other amazing parenting blogs out there:

Mom 101: http://www.mom-101.com

Milla’s Toddler Tales: http://www.amelialynnfort.blogspot.com

Those are the Top 2 great parenting blogs. Congratulations Mom 101 and Milla’s Toddler Tales!!!!

By Ellen Meadows


Land For Moms Travel Award goes to-Great Wolf Lodge!!!!!

Who hasn’t heard of Great Wolf Lodge, the massive indoor waterpark resort that kids could only dream of? Me and my daughters have been too many times to count to the one in Virginia even though we live in North Carolina. Honestly I think they favor the animatronic clock tower show more then the waterpark!!!! They just love that precious show with Simon and Yellow Feather. They constantly sing the songs at home. The Land For Moms travel award recognizes places that are recommend for travel. Traveling with the family is a beautiful thing and me and my daughters love it.

By Ellen Meadows


How to speak with your children about America’s worst incidents


When your children find out about tragedies such as 9/11, Sandy Hook, and Boston Marathon they’ll likely come to you and ask about it. Don’t scare them. Speak to them about it in ways they could understand. Don’t lie either. Be honest but calm. Don’t be dramatic either. After telling them calmly about what happened tell them that the bad guy went to jail and not everyone died. Leave out information that could scare them such as the number of people that died, or how the incident was started.

By Ellen Meadows


Debate-Is Barbie a poor role model?

In my opinion its yes. Barbie has been around since 1959 and only gotten worse, not to mention her cousins Bratz, Monster High, Growing Up Glam, Growing Up Skipper, Moxie Girls, and Novi Stars. I guess you could call them the Barbie followers. First off Mattel shouldn’t expose breasts to little girls, especially ones the size of Barbie’s. I never owned a Barbie as a little girl as I’ve always been against her (even when I was 4) and my girls don’t own any either. The only dolls in our home are American Girl, which deliver positive messages to girls about life and history. The kind of imaginative play Barbie brings girls goes in the wrong direction. Most girls who play with Barbie will dream of being Barbie. This means they’ll likely dream of being perfect, skinny, and having a perfect body. The kind of life Barbie lives is something unhealthy for girls to want. All kids should want to be themselves. If girls dream of living the Barbie fantasy when they’re young they’ll likely carry their dream with them into middle school, which will only make things worse. If I had the kind of money Barbie had, I wouldn’t spend it on stuff like Barbie would if she were a real person. I would bring my daughters somewhere amazing and give them memories they’ll cherish and treasure forever. Our children shouldn’t be boxed in a world of stuff like Barbie is. So, Barbie, I boycott you, think you look like the most inhuman girl on Earth, and the list goes on and on.

Posted by Ellen Meadows