How to speak with your children about America’s worst incidents


When your children find out about tragedies such as 9/11, Sandy Hook, and Boston Marathon they’ll likely come to you and ask about it. Don’t scare them. Speak to them about it in ways they could understand. Don’t lie either. Be honest but calm. Don’t be dramatic either. After telling them calmly about what happened tell them that the bad guy went to jail and not everyone died. Leave out information that could scare them such as the number of people that died, or how the incident was started.

By Ellen Meadows


2 thoughts on “How to speak with your children about America’s worst incidents

  1. I hate people like this who are too American to realize that things happen for a reason. America did not know the people who caused these incidents and they’re ranting on and on calling these people horrible words. The police were after these people who caused the incidents trying to kill them. Some people are too American. Little do they know.. I thought America liked people from other countries. America turned a little thing into a big one. There should be no honoring people who died in these incidents. America sure knows how to turn a little problem into a big one. I may live in America, but I am sure not like other Americans, that is for sure.

  2. You’re a sick, sick person!!!! Too American? That’s what you say about people who are trying to defend their country? Why do you even live in America? If you can’t be American and defend our beloved country, you clearly don’t belong in USA. So why are you in our country? You’re only danger to America, especially after your little comment above. As a matter of fact, why are you on our blog? Please leave this blog and never come on again. I will unapprove any other nasty comment you make. Are you a parent? You really shouldn’t be.

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